Look good. Sound good. Feel good.
In this program you will learn how to record a video of yourself (or someone else) speaking for social media, a website, online course, etc. You will determine the style you wish to achieve, and learn how to come across comfortably and what equipment you will specifically need to meet the level of quality you desire. I will walk you through the recording process in real time (on Zoom) and do the video editing for your first video. By the end of the program, you will have a finished video, as well a the resources, skills, and support you need to create many more!
Pricing: $790 USD ($200 off until November 31st, 2021)
This program can be customized to your needs. Send me a message and let me know how I best be of service to you.
Introductory Call (60 minutes)
Goal: Clarify your goals and see if we are a good fit.
Incentives & Desired Outcome
Ideal Process
The Big Picture
Determine Video Length
Review Program Schedule
Discuss Budget & Timeline

Session 1 | The Vibe (90 minutes)
Goal: Clarify who your audience is and what impression and/or impact you want to make.
    - Who will be watching the video?
    - Where will they be watching the video?
    - How do you want them to feel?
    - What aspects of your natural personality do you want to shine through?
    - Techniques and exercises for appearing more engaging in videos.
Intro & Outro
    - The importance/benefits of an intro & outro
    - Brainstorming ideas

Assignment: Watch videos with presenters whose style you like and/or wish to emulate.

Session 2 | Equipment (60 minutes)
Goal: Determine suitable recording equipment and backdrop for your goals and budget.
    - Location
    - Microphone: Desired Quality?
        - Acceptable | Budget: $0
        - Good | Budget: $30-200
        - Crisp | Budget: $200-400+
    - Lighting
    - Camera
        - Acceptable | Budget: $0
        - Good | Budget: $30-250
        - Crisp | Budget: $400+
    - Atmosphere
    - Props
        - Acceptable | Budget: $0
        - Good | Budget: $20-200
        - Crisp | Budget: $200-400

Follow Up: I will send you a list of suggested equipment based upon our conversation.
Assignment: Order/collect the equipment.

Session 3 | Content (90 minutes)
Goal: Strategize and outline content for the video.
What do you want to convey?
    - Generally
    - Specifically
What are the most important points?
    - What is the order of importance?
    - Roughly, what is the chronological order?
         - This can be adjusted in post-production
Assignment: Setup Test — Do a practice recording and send it to me for review.

Session 4 | Recording (90 minutes)
Goal: Record the video!
Live (Zoom) Support during recording
    - Setup
    - Framing your shot
    - Checklist (lights, camera, sound, action!)
Performance coaching
    - Sound authentic & natural
    - Body Language
    - I will be asking questions that you answer to the camera
    - Get multiple takes so we can choose the best delivery in post-production

Assignment: Send me the footage.
Optional: Review footage and send notes of any favorite parts that you want included in the final edit.

Goal: Editing the video to your specifications.
I will edit the video we recorded together including:
    - Selecting the best takes 
    - Organizing video in desired chronological order
    - Audio EQ + Noise Reduction
    - Color Grading
    - Background Music (optional)
    - Subtitles (optional)
    - Animate slide overlays (optional)
    - Basic intro and/or outro bumper with your logo or desired text (optional)
2 rounds of revision included
Final product delivery in 5-15 days
    - Editing program utilized is Final Cut Pro X

Goal: Provide the support you need to produce future videos.
30 days of WhatsApp support
Logo bumper sent as separate file if requested
FCPX file sent if requested
Future video editing starting at $50 USD (hourly rate)
Any Questions? Are you ready to get started?
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