A rhyming picture book about a warrior who sets out to defeat a cave of goblins, but discovers that they are not truly the villains he had presumed them to be.

A silly rhyming picture book with fun word play about different varieties of berries to show the fun of diversity and encourages children to imagine and draw their own berries. Reminiscent of Michael Whaite's 100 Dogs/Cats/Birds series.

A rhyming poem about an overtired boy who has turned into a fussy "grumpling" and learns to work through his tough emotions and forgive himself.

A story about a kid who keeps a positive attitude while learning from his mistakes. He doesn't give up and succeeds when he gives it another shot!

An archaic style poem about a historically monumentous poop.

A folklore style tale about about a boy who wants to prove himself to his family and does so by following the virtuous inclinations of his heart over the selfish desires of his ego.
Short episodic adventures of Piggy Princess as she visits different locations such as the beach, the market, and her garden. 
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