There once was a little boy,
Sweet as apple pie.
Who never ever made a fuss,
And rarely ever cried.

He really liked to sing and dance,
And loved to play pretend.
He always finished all his work,
And made gifts for his friends.

He was working rather hard one night,
And stayed up very late.
He thought that he should get some sleep,
But had so much on his plate.

He was practicing guitar,
And painting dinosaurs.
On top of all of that,
He had to finish up his chores.

Then he thought that “I should sleep,
I should really close my eyes.”
But he couldn’t keep them shut,
Much to his surprise.

He started pacing back and forth,
Soon he was stomping both his shoes.
His eyes began to tear right up,
He really had the blues.

It began as a little cry,
Then became a mighty wail.
He sobbed and coughed and sniffed,
His skin turned very pale.

“What’s wrong!?” Asked his mother,
“I’m worried…” said his father.
They tried to cheer him up,
But it all was just a bother.

He really had transformed,
A Grumpling he’d become!
As feisty as a dragon,
As red as a sore thumb.

He thought “I’m quite a fearsome creature!
But I don’t want to cause a mess.
I’ll try to calm myself, I will.
I’ll really do my best.”

It truly wasn’t easy,
But he was brave and he was strong.
For way he was behaving,
In his heart he felt was wrong.

He said an earnest prayer,
And breathed in rather deep.
I won’t be ruled by my emotions,
And I’ll try to get some sleep.

“I’m sorry ma and papa,
For the way that I have acted.”
I would like to take it back,
Pa said “Consider it redacted!

We all have tough emotions,
They come from time to time.
We might yell or we might cry,
We might sulk or we might whine.

But for each and every Grumpling,
A lesson can be learned.
And our character keeps growing,
With ever deed that’s earned.”

So never fear the Grumpling,
In all it’s pomp and sass!
Just do your best in every moment,
Forgive, and let it pass.
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