Oregano the duck wasn’t known for having the best luck. He once dropped his sandwich in the pool and he could never find a pair of matching socks. But he always kept a positive attitude.
Today was Saturday and Oregano had big plans to start a business, win his soccer game, and help his parents.
In the morning, he decided to set up a lemonade stand in front of his house. Plenty of customers arrived, but Oregano didn’t realize he had used salt instead of sugar in his lemonade! The customers all requested refunds which he promptly issued. Oregano felt a little disappointed, but he told himself, “I won’t make that mistake next time!” and packed up his stand.
After lunch, it was time for Oregano’s soccer game. He went out on the field and gave it his all. He even managed to steal the ball and score a goal! But he didn’t realize in all the excitement that he had scored on the wrong side. His teammates were sour, but Oregano apologized and told them that “I’ll learn from this and next time I’ll score on the right goal!”
Later that afternoon, Oregano wanted to do something nice for his parents. “I know,” he thought, “I’ll surprised them by hanging out the wet laundry.” But Oregano didn’t realize he was dragging the wet laundry across the floor, and by the time he had hung them out to dry they were dirty again! “Aw shucks!” said Oregano, “I’ll figure out a better way to do this next time.”
The next day, Oregano got up bright and early to set up his lemonade stand again. This time he tasted the sugar to make sure it wasn’t actually salt before he put it in his lemonade. The stand was a big success and he made enough money to buy some tasty snacks. “You’re quite the entrepreneur!” complimented one of his satisfied customers. 
Oregano brought the snacks he bought to share with his team at the game that day. Everyone loved them. “Thanks Oregano!” They exclaimed. When they got on the field Oregano was more focused and determined than ever. When he got the ball he ran down to the other teams goal and scored the winning point and everyone cheered!
After he got home, Oregano decided to hang up the laundry that had been re-washed. “This time I’ll use a basket to bring them to the drying lines, so they don’t get dirty,” he thought. His parents were so proud of him for thinking of a clever solution and not giving up after his first try.
“You’re an inspiration,” Oregano’s father said to him. “You kept a positive, can-do attitude in the face of every challenge.”
Oregano’s mother gave him a big hug. “You learned a lot this weekend, but we also learned a lot from you. Next time something doesn’t go how I planned, I’ll make sure to try again with a smile!”
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