Lo! To the Goblin Caves I go,
Through sun and rain and fire and snow.
To find these naughty little creatures,
with all their freaky facial features.
To protect the land and all my people,
I must drive away this wicked evil.
To be the greatest I can be,
I will make these kookie goblins flee.
Now that I've come upon their lair,
These beastly buggers best beware!
(illustrated pages: he enters the goblin, and finds they are eating cake and sipping tea. They look confused by his arrival.)
I'm quite confused... I'mm flabbergasted!
It felt like days this feeling lasted...
Until a purple goblin spoke,
"Come have a seat and hang your cloak."
He told a joke, we ate some cake,
These goblin folk are really great!
My quest went not how I had thought —
I made some friends and learned a lot!

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